Products and Gift Certificates


For Mom 

Prenatal Balm - $12 

Made from all natural ingredients and pure geranium, lavender, and frankinsence essential oils great for relief of muscle tension and stress and can aid in the prevention and healing of stretch marks. 8oz 

Postpartum Grounding Balm - $12 

This balm uses a balancing blend of essential oils that can help mood stabalization and bring a sense of perspective in the postpartum period. 8oz  

Postpartum Perineal Care Pack - $30 

Includes 10 maternity maxi pads infused with witch hazel, aloe, lavender, and frankincense ready for your freezer and a 4oz. lavender & frankincense Healing Spray 

For Baby 

Talc-Free Baby Powder - $10 

This talc and mineral free baby powder has soothing oats, roman chamomile, and lavender to wick moisture away from baby's skin while nourishing at the same time. 6oz 

Lavender and Tea Tree Diaper Cream - $22 

Using ultra-pure fractionated coconut oil and organic beeswax this diaper cream can help eliminate red spots and can prevent rashes with regular use. Lavender and tea tree oil create a great skin calming combination. 4oz 

For the Family 

Healing balm - $12 

For mom, baby, and the whole family made from all natural ingredients and pure lavender, tea tree, and lemon essential oils that can be used to soothe rough patches and sore muscles as well as ease tension with therapeutic aromas. 8oz 

Pre-Post Care Totally Essential Kit - $78 

Includes all three 8oz balms, 4oz natural diaper cream, talc-free baby powder, and the complete perineal care pack 

Gift Certificates 

Available in any denomination and do not expire! They can be used for any products or services that I offer. This is a great option for a baby shower gift or for family members who would like to show their support but can't travel to be there for the arrival. Gift a single product or a whole birth package, it's up to you!!